“We all want to visit each other’s programs but it never seems possible. Today we were able to do just that.” commented Patricia Barraza (Site Coordinator at John O’Connell High), after the ExCEL PM/SC December Meeting.

A.P. Giannini’s (APG) After School Staff shared their #HAYisBAE event during ExCEL’s December Meeting- creating an environment that provided us an opportunity to have fun and practice healthy activities. The variety of “stations” ranged from dancing, to running relays and sampling a favorite hydration option. These stations demonstrated ways to share learning and build community. Shouts of “HAYis BAE!” resonated throughout the meeting hall along with cheers and laughter from our Site Coordinators and Program Managers participating in the relay portion of the event.

APG’s original #HAYisBAE Health Fair at the school site was a collaborative effort of both staff and students. Each program leader ran a booth that included: Guess the Veggies!, Food Plate Placement, and the Healthy Boogie Circle. Healthy, tasty snacks and refreshing fruit infused waters were provided. Students learned about the food they ate and dispelled stigmas about healthy foods. “Wow, these healthy snacks actually taste good.” said an APG student. APG staff commented that “ Students also learned a lot during the games and they also had fun.”

Thank you AP Giannini and Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center staff for sharing this valuable resource with us! And a HUGE shout out to all the participants who showed so much enthusiasm at this event! Check out our meeting videos and pictures from both the APG Fair and the one from our December Meeting!

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