One of Balboa’s After School Program’s SF State volunteers suggested the Program work on decking the lockers out with notes of kindness. Students and staff alike have sat down to write a note of kindness and added it to the pile. Staff did not disclosed how the notes will be distributed because they wanted the students to have some element of surprise about the notes. The plan is to have student interns help put the notes on everyone’s locker Tuesday night so every Balboa student receives a Valentine’s Day note of encouragement Wednesday morning when they arrived. The student intern team helped distribute the notes for the lockers on all three floors. Balboa’s Site Coordinator, Stefanie Almendares came in early to finish out what the interns couldn’t get to on the second floor and was grateful to be able to see the reactions of students upon seeing the notes. Students were all so grateful to have notes of encouragement on their lockers. Stefanie also had a group of student volunteers put handwritten notes in staff mailboxes in the main office that read “you are special, thank you for all you do.”

Throughout the day she saw a number of students walking around with notes on their arms and backpacks. It was a really heartwarming activity and the staff really liked it as well.  It has been a true labor of love as students have become excited about the notes, where they will go, and what is being written on them.

Thank you Balboa After School for promoting kindness and inclusion! 


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