After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) teachers are trained to provide literacy based programming (theme based learning) which is designed to enhance student’s reading and writing skills throughout the year using fun and interactive activities. Each week ASEP teachers have designated planning time to develop theme based curriculum that aligns with the California State Education standards and the California Common Core. ASEP’s theme based or project based curriculum is designed to reinforce or introduce the concepts that are being taught to students during the day school. Theme based learning activities take place 2 days a week for 1 hour each as part of our Comprehensive Program.

ASEP’s McKinley Site Coordinator Aren Bass and Daniel Webster Program Manager Casey Howard both observed the need for increased social-emotional learning opportunities for ASEP students. As a result, Aren, Casey and the rest of the ASEP team have focused on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for our current theme based term. Program Leaders and Program Aides have worked together to develop various lesson plans relating to this theme in each of our Comprehensive ASEP groups. Once we have gone through this, we will focus on anti-bullying or 2nd step curriculum. There is also a strong focus on preventative behavior that is centered around developing empathy and building a strong community among the students. There are specific activities and roles that the students will participate in within their groups that will guide them through this process of obtaining social emotional skills. Interested in seeing an example of ASEP’s Theme Based Learning curriculum? Click on the link below!

Example of McKinley’s “Emotions” Theme Based Learning Curriculum 

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