The Bayview Beacon has kicked off 2018 with the return of our enrichment programs to Burton High School and MLK Middle School!

To name a few, our Burton participants continue to learn coding with ScriptEd, drop extraordinary beats at Drum Corps, design and lead events at Beacon Leadership, show incredible school pride at Cheer, celebrate diversity and Latin American culture at La Raza, and boost academic prowess at Puma Academy, while developing a deeper sense of connection and community to our school.

In celebration of Black History Month, the Beacon collaborated with Burton’s English & History Departments and African American Achievement and Leadership Initiative held on our Annual Soul Food Dinner event featuring student performances and community provided food.

Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Middle School hosts multicultural¬†events every year. Two of our traditions have been the Black History Month & Lunar New Year celebration and the Polynesian & Latino Night events. Each event includes fun activities for the audience to participate in as well as performances. We have had student groups perform various types of dances and spoken word pieces. It’s a great opportunity for students, parents, and families in the community to not only learn about each other’s traditions but also partake in them.

At Martin Luther King Middle School, the Beacon has created a safe and supportive environment for music and art enrichment as well as athletic and academic pursuits. MLK’s Flag Football provides student athletes’ with an hour of homework support before practice in addition to individual case managing. Players are given leadership roles which allow them to participate in their community and act as role models for their peers!

Thank you Bayview YMCA for providing us with a look at how you celebrate your students and work collaboratively as a community!

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