At Dr. William Cobb Elementary, students and staff celebrated Black History Month and were excited about the release of Black Panther in theaters on February 16th. With this release, they took a journey to Wakanda, a fictional place but represented by much of the culture of Africa. Cobb’s After School Program Assembly featured some rich Black history of Africa and some Black history here of our own. The students spoke about different African Americans in the sporting and entertainment industry. Each student presented on a different person and presented pictures of the people they talked about. This event ended with a Soul Food themed potluck with many different types of food.

The Western Addition Beacon Center at John Muir recently implemented a new family engagement program called “From Our Table to Yours.” This program is designed to build community and expose families to diverse cuisines from the cultural melting pot that exists within the school. The Program also look at ways to transform traditional dishes into healthier alternatives. This program aligns with the Buchanan YMCA 2020 vision to have the healthiest kids living in the Bay Area. This program allows youth and adults to gain valuable life skills that they can build upon over time, while engaging in cultural exchanges and fostering life-long relationships among their peers.

Every Friday at Rosa Parks Elementary After School Program is a FUN Friday! During FUN Fridays all students get to participate and work together in different team building and STEAM activities. Our goal is to challenge students through conversations, questions, and hands on activities. Every Friday is a different activity that requires the help of other others, so the students in the ASP learn about the importance of community and helping each other to accomplish the tasks that are put in front of them. Go team go!

Food is always a great way to bring together your school community to learn about different cultures. Thank you Buchanan YMCA crew for sharing your stories and ideas!

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