Garfield CYC hosts a Service Learning Club every Wednesday where students learn about different world issues and talk about what they can do to outreach, support, and create actions to help others understand these issues. One of the topics our 3rd-4th graders chose this month was Ocean Pollution. Connor Zhang (3rd Grade) states that “People are not taking care of the ocean and now there are trash everywhere”. Martin Levy (4th Grade) continues “We need to make posters around the school so they know and the ‘organs’ of the animals could be the litter and trash that are in the ocean”. Students at Garfield CYC created different posters to outreach about ocean pollution. They took the silhouette of ocean animals and pasted on the top ten litter items found in our oceans inside as the animal’s “organs”. On their posters are also different strategies people in our community can do to help. These are currently posted around the school cafeteria. Can you name some common trash items by looking at the posters below? Can you think of different ways you can do to help prevent pollution in our oceans?

Focus: Service Learning, SEL (Growth Mindset, Social Awareness), Literacy

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