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      ExCEL ASP

      Hello All,

      Here is some important information/reminders regarding changes for Academic Liaisons going forward. Thank you!

      New Payment Process: Academic Liaisons will now be paid directly by your CBO. The amounts will remain the same – 5K for elementary and middle and 3K for high school. The amount can be divided among more than one teacher/staff person. Please confirm with your CBO director or program manager what your process will be for hiring your Academic Liaison(s) and confirm with your AL’s that they are ok with this new payment process.

      Designation Forms to EMS:

      1) The new (and greatly simplified) AL Designation form is uploaded to the HUB resources in the Academic Liaison folder. We now only need to know the name(s) of your AL, their role at your school site and their email. The job description is also attached. ​
      File Name: ALJobDescription-Aug2016 Docx
      ​Deadline is September 16th!

      2) Please upload the information asked in the form to EMS under Academic Liaison 16-17 **Unfortunately, even if you uploaded the previous designation form by the previous deadline (thank you!), we still need you to upload the new form (Uploaded to HUB Resources). The new form is clear that AL’s will not be paid via SFUSD and we need to be doubly sure that your AL knows this.​
      File Name: ExCEL-Academic-Liaison-Designation-Form-2016 Docx

      3) Please make sure that you are checking in with our administrator about who to assign as AL. We no longer require that they sign the designation form, but you will be asked to check a box on EMS indicating that you have spoken to them.

      Meeting Dates: We are postponing our AL meetings originally scheduled for 9/13 & 9/15 until mid-October (dates to be finalized next week!) so that you have time for your AL’s to go through the hiring process.

      If you have any questions at all please contact Stefanie Eldred at or 415-750-4500 x1401.

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      ExCEL ASP

      Sorry for any confusion regarding the previous email:

      1) You are not actually “uploading” the form to EMS, rather, you are entering the information on the form into to EMS. The designation form gives information about the compensation amounts for each grade level and payment process. *You don’t need to turn this form in. It is for your own records.

      2) The old tab to enter AL information is still on EMS. Please ignore it! The ExCEL Office can’t make changes to EMS and our request that the previous “form” be taken down and the new “form” be added are in a queue. We’ll let you know when EMS has been updated.

      3) The deadline for designating your AL (or if you already designated them, confirming they are ok with the new payment process through your CBO) is 9/16.

      4) We will be announcing October AL meeting dates by next week.

      We are doing the best we can to make this change in payment process smooth, but know it might be confusing. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Stefanie Eldred with any questions.

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