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      This Week’s Announcements (Scroll down for more information):


      • Last PM/SC meeting 5/22/2018 at St. Mary’s
      • Activities in EMS must be 6 hours long
      • June School Year Attendance is due in EMS on June 9th
      • June Summer Attendance deadline will remain on July 5th
      • SNS questions from (new and incoming) parents


      Last PM/SC meeting 5/22/2018 at St. Mary’s :

      Last program manager and site coordinator meeting will be on May 22nd from 10-12pm at St. Mary’s in Patron’s Hall. 
      Setting up summer activities in EMS:
      Student must be enrolled in a six hour long activity in EMS to be properly counted. If you have questions regarding how to set-up your activity please email Jennifer Quevedo at  quevedoj@sfusd.edu
      Attendance due in EMS:

      June School Year Attendance is due in EMS on June 9th

      June Summer Attendance deadline will remain on July 5th 

      EMS will not unlock for attendance entry after these dates. 


      SNS questions from (new and incoming) parents: 

      SNS is receiving the following questions and requests from (new incoming & current) parents:
      Question: When can we apply for 18/19 SY meal benefits?
      Answer:  July 15th (hopefully by 7/1/18) online at Schoolcafe.com.  Paper applications will be available when school resumes.  SNS office welcomes walk ins to apply online or submit a paper form.
      Request: Proof and copy of their 17/18 Notification of Eligibility or Direct Certification letter.
      Response: SNS is able to provide the letter via email to the parent or by fax to the school if no parent email.
      We need parents to email Schoollunch@sfusd.edu for proof or copy of the letter and include the students full name, dob and grade.
      Important to know:
      • Online applicants can access their letter anytime by logging into Schoolcafe.com/Eligibility Info/Notifications.
      • Directly Certified (DC) students were mailed a DC letter to the parents home before school began and continue to do so as DC students are matched. Many parents are being told to apply online to access a new letter.  Applications will not over write a DC student eligibility.  ( Plans for 19/20 SY, DC parents will be able to access their letter in Schoolcafe.com but until then.)
      • Paper applicants were mailed a Notification of Eligibility letter and continue to do so as applications are processed. Families can submit a new application online at Schoolcafe and access a new letter.
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