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      This Week’s Announcements:

      • Meal Applications
      • EMS Attendance Due Date 7/5
      • ExCEL Invoice Due Date 7/6
      Meal Applications:
      As a reminder, meal applications for the upcoming school year are not available until July 15th.  
      SNS has been receiving lot of phone calls from families requesting  eligibility letter for SY 2018-19.  
      Please let your staff know that SY 2018-19 online and paper application will be released on July 15th
      Any application submitted before July 15th will not be considered for qualifying benefits for SY 2018-19. Parents cannot provide eligibility information for 2018-19 before July 15th.
      If your organization will only accept the upcoming school year eligibility letters, please remind families that they must complete the meal application AFTER July 15th.
      This is the same process every year so be sure to build the timeline into your application/sliding scale system.
      Please let me know if you have any questions.
      EMS Attendance Due Date 7/5
      June Summer attendance is due July 5th in EMS. EMS June attendance will lock on July 5 at 11:59pm. 
      ExCEL Invoice Due Date 7/6
      ALL ExCEL After School Program invoices are due July 6th in EBS. EBS will automatically lock on July 6th unless you requested an extension. 
      Thank you and have a good weekend!
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