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      ExCEL ASP

      Do you know the ins and outs of Incident Reporting? Don’t be afraid of the form! Here are some tips for you to tackle the form with confidence.

      Tip #1    Did you know we changed the Incident Reporting Form this year? Discard the blank one saved in your files from last year and download the new one today!  Injury reporting also goes on the same form.

      Tip #2    More details! The more the better and if you need more space, feel free to attach another sheet of paper, especially if your description is long. Please do not attempt to jam everything in the space by writing small, you will be asked to do it over. Make sure it is clear what happened. Only state the facts AND include the follow up (i.e. ice pack was given, restorative circle was done, meeting with parents).

      Tip #3    Don’t have all the signatures yet? It’s ok! If it is a major incident or injury, feel free to submit it to me anyway. Just be sure to resend again when you have all the signatures.

      Tip #4    Don’t forget to document Parent Notification, this is important as we need to know if the parents are aware of the injury or incident.

      Tip #5    Scan the document over to Alice Tam at Do not send me a picture of the completed document. A lot times pictures are very hard to read. If you do not have a scanner, you can fax the report over to (415) 750-8653, however please email me and let me know.

      More questions? Ask directly on this forum! You never know, someone else might be wondering the same thing!

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      Do schools need to report any incident that occurs, even the small ones that we see every day?

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        ExCEL ASP

        That’s a great question, Colleen! Small ones like paper cuts do not need to be reported. We ask Site Coordinators to use their best judgement in regards to reporting. Fights, criminal activity, occurrences between staff or parents, head injuries and so on should be reported. For a better understanding, please also refer to the Incident Reporting Powerpoint located here on the HUB in the Resource section.

        Of course if you are still unsure, feel free to ask me! Alice Tam


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      Thank you! This is so helpful, I will pass on to my team 🙂

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