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    EMS Attendance Lock (Summer)

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    EMS Attendance lock for June summer program

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    Final ExCEL Invoice Deadline on EBS

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    Attendance Relief

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    The California Department of Education allows the application of program closure with attendance credit or attendance relief for the two reasons stated below. DOCUMENTATION is required for both reasons.

    1. Education Code (EC) allows the option for after school programs to close for up to three days per year for the purpose of providing professional development to program staff using funds from the total local grant award (EC Section 8483.7(a)[1][C]). Programs are able to apply for attendance credit for these days.

    2.EC allows programs to temporarily close due to a natural disaster, civil unrest, or imminent danger to pupils or staff.

    If you would like ExCEL to apply for an attendance credit on behalf of your program, please complete the Attendance Relief Form no later than:

    1. January 9 for any program closures between the July 1st and December 31st.

    2. July 10 for any program closure between January 1st and June 30th.

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