Healthy Active Youth

Basic Elements

  • Organization aligns with the guidelines of the be well, do well – the SFUSD Wellness Policy.
  • All staff participate in training that supports Wellness Policy guidelines.
  • All staff understand the importance of being active and eating healthy.
  • Students and familieshave a voice in creating and maintaining a healthy after school culture.
  • Cooking classes follow the SFUSD Student Nutrition Cooking Guidelines.
  • Staff develop opportunities for students to learn about healthy food options through hands-on practices (e.g., food preparation, grocery shopping, and gardening).


  • 1a. Staff encourage healthy eating by building community and encouraging students to eat together.
  • 1b. Drinking water is promoted, beyond facility water fountains, to ensure that all students have easy access and understand its importance.
  • 1c. Staff provide healthy messaging in the program space through posters, artwork, pictures, and publications.

Goal #2: Promoting Movement & Being Active

  • 2a. All students participate in at least 30 minutes of daily activity. At least 50% of that time is spent in moderate to vigorous activity.
  • 2b. Program structure is designed to minimize sedentary behavior by providing activity breaks after sitting 30 minutes and/or offering standing options during academic blocks.
  • 2c. Staff encourage and model active behavior.
Upcoming Events

Nothing from October 1, 2020 to December 1, 2020.


Chinatown YMCA's Jean Parker After School Program provides many opportunities for their students to learn though hands on projects. Check out their video to see a snapshot of what they have been doing!

A.P. Giannini’s (APG) After School Staff shared their #HAYisBAE event during ExCEL’s December Meeting- creating an environment that provided us an opportunity to have fun and practice healthy activities.

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