Teaching & Learning

Basic Elements

  • Site’s Balanced Score Card is utilized to inform priority program areas and alignment with key instructional strategies.
  • At least one designated Academic Liaison is identified and their work plan is structured to support QAP goals.
  • Expectations of academic and homework times are clearly communicated to families, school, and students.
  • Staff have a formal system to access homework assignments and curriculum.
  • Staff communicate with school day teachers to customize academic & behavioral supports after school.


  • 1a. Staff create a safe and predictable learning environment through clear instructions and modeling.
  • 1b. Staff utilize an effective system to assist students in monitoring their homework/study progress. 
  • 1c. Staff implement a clear process for students to request assistance.
  • 1d. Staff provide meaningful activity options for students without homework.


  • 2a. Staff support growth mindset through language and encouragement. (GM)
  • 2b. Staff ask open-ended questions to encourage critical thinking. (GM)
  • 2c. Staff intentionally group students within activities to maximize learning. (SE)
  • 2d. Staff support skill-building by breaking difficult tasks into smaller steps. (SE)
  • 2e. Staff incorporate debrief/ reflection opportunities to help students synthesize learning. (SE)
  • 2f. Staff provide choices to students within session(s) to promote engagement and self-efficacy. (SE) 
  • 2g. Leadership opportunities are provided for students according to their age, appropriate developmental needs and strengths (SE)
  • 2h. Staff provide opportunities for students to work and play collaboratively with others. (SA)
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Bayview YMCA's Burton High School and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School started off 2018 by bringing back their Enrichment Classes. They collaborated with the community, enrichment providers and the school day to celebrate diversity and support student success!

McKinley and Webster's After School Programs focus on SEL in their theme based curriculum.

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