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  • ExCEL Program Manager Institute Day 1 (7/24)

Intentional Program Design & Implementation


  • Weekly program schedule meets grant requirements and is intentionally designed to address the specific needs of the school community.
  • Staff develop quality lesson plans for activities.
  • Learning activities are engaging and build upon student interests.
  • Program activities result in a culminating project or performance showcase for families and community.
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies are integrated throughout program practices.


  • Students have opportunities to work and play collaboratively with others.
  • Students have opportunities to set and accomplish personal and academic goals.
  • Staff intentionally group students within activities to maximize learning.
  • Staff provide clear directions to students.
  • Staff ask open-ended questions to encourage critical thinking.
  • Staff incorporate debrief/ reflection opportunities to help students synthesize learning.
  • Staff model SEL skills and develop activities to build these skills.


  • Opportunities for student choice are evident in program-level and activity level
    decisions about content and process.
  • Students have opportunities to connect with caring adults.
  • Student voice is incorporated into program activities and planning.
  • Leadership opportunities are provided for students according to their age appropriate developmental needs and strengths.