Intentional Program Design & Implementation

Quality Program Design

  • Weekly program schedule meets grant requirements and is intentionally designed to address the specific needs of the school community.
  • Student level data is utilized to support program design, targeted interventions, and track student progress.
  • Learning activities are engaging and build upon student interests.

Intentional Learning Strategies

  • CBO utilizes a growth mindset approach for training and supporting staff members.
  • All staff are familiar with the four competencies of SEL: growth mindset, self-efficacy, self-management and social awareness.
  • Staff model SEL skills and develop activities to build these skills.
  • SEL skills are integrated into the content and format of program activities.
  • Staff build their own skills to assist students in identifying and/or managing emotions.
  • Staff engage in practices that support development of empathy.
  • Staff integrate opportunities to solve problems into the program activities.
  • Mindfulness activities are included in program offerings.

Youth Development, Voice, and Leadership

  • Opportunities for student choice are evident in program-level and activity-level decisions about content and process.decisions about content and process.
  • Student voice is incorporated into program activities and planning.
  • Program activities result in a culminating project or performance showcase for families and community.

Community Youth Center's Garfield After School Program shapes their emerging leaders by hosting a weekly Service Learning Club where students discuss different world issues and create an action plan to help others understand these issues.

Chinatown YMCA's Jean Parker After School Program provides many opportunities for their students to learn though hands on projects. Check out their video to see a snapshot of what they have been doing!

Buchanan YMCA brings uses food, culture, and teamwork to bring community into their respective After School Programs. Participants learned about history, healthy eating, and the art of being kind to one another. Go Buchanan Y!

Bayview YMCA's Burton High School and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School started off 2018 by bringing back their Enrichment Classes. They collaborated with the community, enrichment providers and the school day to celebrate diversity and support student success!

McKinley and Webster's After School Programs focus on SEL in their theme based curriculum.

A.P. Giannini’s (APG) After School Staff shared their #HAYisBAE event during ExCEL’s December Meeting- creating an environment that provided us an opportunity to have fun and practice healthy activities.

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