Safe & Supportive Culture & Climate
Our ExCEL after school programs nurture the whole child, build community, and create a positive learning environment that aligns with the school day. Positive behavior supports and a restorative framework help us to create respectful, supportive systems and policies.

Basic Elements

  • Staff are familiar with SFUSD Safe and Supportive Schools Policy.
  • Site Coordinator is an active member on the school’s Response to Intervention (RTI) and/or Student Assistance Program (SAP) team.
  • Site Coordinator builds relationships and collaborates with student support staff [i.e., Social Worker, Resource Specialist (RSP)] and families.
  • Proactive behavior policies and procedures are designed to be restorative, not punitive, and are shared with students and families.

Goal#1: Creating Safe and Supportive Community

  • 1a. Staff use community building practices to intentionally build relationships with students.
  • 1b. Community building language is used by staff.
  • 1c. Students have regular opportunities to develop strong relationships with peers and adults.


  • 2a. After school expectations are taught, modeled, and reinforced on a regular basis.
  • 2b. Staff consistently utilize proactive positive strategies to get students’ attention and manage group behavior.
  • 2c. Activities and transitions have clear structures that are regularly communicated to students.
  • 2d. Program uses the visual behavior matrix from the school day, or one aligned with school day expectations.
  • 2e. Staff develop and utilize a progressive response to challenging behavior.
Upcoming Meetings
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Buchanan YMCA brings uses food, culture, and teamwork to bring community into their respective After School Programs. Participants learned about history, healthy eating, and the art of being kind to one another. Go Buchanan Y!

Bayview YMCA's Burton High School and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School started off 2018 by bringing back their Enrichment Classes. They collaborated with the community, enrichment providers and the school day to celebrate diversity and support student success!

Balboa's After School Program sets an example of what being kind is all about with a random act of kindness activity. Program students worked hard to include the entire school of students and staff to make their Valentine's Day a special one!

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