Strong Systems & Structures

Administration and Organization

  • CBO supports quality utilizing ExCEL’s QAP process.
  • Site maintains compliant attendance & registration systems, including timely submissions of required reports.
  • Site and CBO understand funding requirements and maintain finances according to related compliance guidelines.
  • Safety plans and procedures are documented and practiced by staff.

Coordination and Family Partnerships

  • Program Manager, Site Coordinator, Academic Liaison, and Principal meet regularly to discuss program progress and priorities, including family partnership goals.
  • Site Coordinator participates in Family Partnership planning team, school site leadership meetings and faculty meetings.
  • Site team strategically coordinates resources and develops community & family partnerships that support student success.
  • Families are connected to after school program goals and student progress through family partnership meetings, written communications, and regular family-staff interactions.
  • Site conducts outreach to students and families using family home languages and through multiple formats including email, newsletters, signs, etc.

Staffing and Professional Development

  • CBO intentionally supports staff practice through individual supervision and effective weekly staff meetings.
  • Staff absences are covered through an effective process to identify and assign substitutes.
  • CBO conducts trainings to support staff professional development.
  • Staff actively participate and take advantage of trainings and supports offered by ExCEL.
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McKinley and Webster's After School Programs focus on SEL in their theme based curriculum.

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