EBS - Introduction Video

Not sure what EBS is exactly? This is a quick introduction to the EBS-CBO portal as well as how to use the Chatter function in Salesforce.

EBS - Submitting Your Invoice (Manage Invoice)

I have to invoice for my program, what do I do? This video goes into step-by-step detail on how to submit an invoice in the EBS system.

EBS - Invoice Rejection and Resubmission

What happens when an invoice gets rejected? This video will outline what to do from the moment you get notification that your invoice has been rejected and how to resubmit.

EBS Managing Your Budget

Not sure how to manager your budget on the EBS? How about how to do a budget revision and when to submit one? This video goes into detail on how to manage your budget on EBS as well as information on budget revisions.

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